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          When I say the word "music", what do you think of?  A particular song, or genre?  Do you include the sound of an engine, or a birdcall?  Think for a minute.  Bring to mind your mother's voice.  You can recognize it instantly, you know her habits of speaking and her accent.  Now, imagine her speaking angrily.  Then imagine her speaking softly.  That change in tune?  Music.
       You and I are able to recognize sarcasm, and subtext.  You would be hard pressed to teach a computer to detect it, but for us the tone of speech can mean so much more than the words themselves.
       Music is not even limited to humans.  Birds sing, whales serenade their mates, even a common housecat has distinct songs depending on what it asks for.  If you praise your dog in a harsh voice, he will shrink away.
       Music is universal.  It crosses boundaries, it builds empathy.  And you know how it feels to crave empathy.  Everyone does.  Music is one of the ultimate ways to find it.  Hear it, create it.

          Feel the sonic surge.

Grand Opening

          Welcome.  You now have the honor of witnessing the birth of a new company.  Volectar: Supplying you with many items, including the Volector joystick electric guitar control circuit which inspired this endeavor.  If you would like to learn about playing a Volector guitar, please look for "How to Use It" about half way down the home page of volector.com.  To fund the making of Volector guitars, we also sell an album of songs by our own Janis June, Nick Nicholes, and the ebullient Charlie Lee.  You can find the CD and digital downloads at CDBaby.  Listen to the previews; it's an awesome album.
          Know that when you buy one of these items, you are helping to bring a new sound to electric guitars and music in general.  As this is a new and fairly small company, we are trying our hardest to make things as pleasant as possible for you, so please contact us and give us suggestions for improvements to the website, promo ideas, or request a chance to play a genuine Volectar guitar.

          Thank you for wasting your valuable time on us, we appreciate it.

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